Cartignano, the village

The B&B is in the lower part of Maira Valley, in Cartignano, about 30 km from the French frontier , where there’s no vehicle suitable road, 50 km from Tenda pass, while Turin is 90 km far, and the  Ligure sea is about 100 km away.

Cartignano is the only site of the Valley where you can find a castle, even if its interiors  got severe damages from a fire lighted by Nazis during the 2nd World War.

The Val Maira valley particularly in summer and during the snowy winter, is crowded with turists, most of them foreigners.

By mountain walks they reach lakes, passes, peaks between 1500 and 3000 meters high; they can go walking,  or skiing and walking  with snow shoes in wintertime.

There are many sites , too, where a climber can tackle  the lowest or the highest difficulties.

In the neighbourhoods of Cartignano one can cross the GTA route and the Occitan paths.

With short travels from 30 to 80 km one can visit the historical towns of Saluzzo, Savigliano and the old castles nearby Saluzzo or Turin.

Not far from Cartignano there are farms specialized in organic crops and factories producing top level milk products and cheeses

The nearer Railroad station is Cuneo, 25 km circa 40 km.
Aeroporti: Torino Caselle (100 km) e Levaldigi presso Fossano (40 km) away, but the most convenient is Fossano , about 40 km away from Cartignano.

Airports: Turin-Caselle at 100 km, and Levaldigi close to Fossano, (40 km away)